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MedHealth offers affordable and discreet STD treatment in Montgomery, AL. 100% confidential STD treatment- FDA approved lab – online protection with integrated patient portal & EMR.

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When you must get STD Tested

If you’re sexually active, it’s recommended that you simply get STD tested a minimum of once a year. Because some diseases take a jiffy to create up in your system, they’ll not be detected the first time around. Getting routine tests helps to make sure that nothing goes missing, which could lead on to serious health issues down the road including infertility, increased chance of diseases like HIV or AIDs, or maybe death.

STD testing is nothing to be ashamed about. you’re taking a crucial step for your health, and we’re happy to assist you are doing it. So Visit Our Clinic and get Your self tested because we provide Cheap priced STD testing in Montgomery 36111.

Which is the Eligible STD Treatment Near me?

The MedHealth provides HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing and counseling services to all Montgomery County residents.



  • Confidential  HIV testing, guidance and counseling is offered during clinic hours only, by a blood test. 
  • Partner notification and referral services are provided as needed. 
  • CD4 and Viral Load testing is available by appointment only, for those HIV+ clients who are under the care of a physician, and are enrolled in the Special Pharmaceutical Benefits Program.


  • Confidential testing, diagnosis, education and treatment of common Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) is provided at the clinics during clinic hours only. 
  • Partner notification and referral services are also provided as needed


MedHealth STD Treatment In Montgomery

We at MedHealth provides reliable & Confidential STD treatment in Montgomery Local public always have this Question.Which is the nearby STD treatment or STD Treatment near me? But we got you covered. Now you don’t need to look further. Just visit MedHealth.No appointment needed