Some people think twice about getting a flu shot.

This article will explain the pros and cons of getting a flu shot, how effective a flu vaccine is, and what happens if you decide to skip it.

Here are some pros and cons of flu shots,


  • A flu shot protects you for around a year against the strain of the flu added to your shot.
  • Even if you contract a different strain of the flu, a flu shot still makes your case less severe.
  • 50-60% of the population are less likely to develop flu shot if they get the seasonal flu vaccine.
  • Getting flu shots doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually get infected with the flu virus,  they use a dead flu virus.
  • If you get sick after getting a flu shot, that could mean that your body already had it before you received the vaccine as flu viruses can live in the body for up to a week before you start feeling the symptoms.
  • You can lessen the possibility of flu-related hospitalization and even death.


  • Flu shots may have side effects, like a low-grade fever, aches, redness, and soreness, especially at the injection site.
  • Some allergic reactions could happen although very rarely.
  • If you’re getting the intradermal flu shot, the injection site may experience itching and toughness.
  • The flu shot you received could be linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome (but only occurs once or twice in a million cases).

How effective is the flu vaccine?

Recent studies show that getting a flu shot reduces your chances of getting the flu by 40% to 60%. The current flu shots we have work best against influenza A(H1N1) and influenza B viruses and might not be that effective to influenza A(H3N2) viruses.

What will happen if you don’t get a flu shot?

You may be more prone to sickness. Plus, you are exposed to the risks of complications, like pneumonia. If you don’t get a flu shot, you are also increasing the chances of spreading a contagious disease. So, the healthier you keep yourself, the more you’re helping and saving others as well.

Ready to get your flu shot?

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