Don’t bust your diet plan this holiday season Tips from dietitians and fitness experts to avoid holiday weight gain.

Even though you might be someone with superhumanly willpower to control your urge to gorge on fatty foods, the holiday season might break you.

Staying on the right diet track can be so intimidating and daunting that you might feel like diving into the delicious food sending off your routine diet into hibernation. Those added pounds don’t disappear with your Christmas and New Year celebrations, as no one wants to start the New Year with a bad figure.

So, as the holiday season is all about merry-making and celebrating, togetherness and indulging in moderation, make sure to measure the calories that you take.

It’s high time you pass the eggnog and handle navigating food spreads, gym routines, and hectic schedules.

Here are few tips to avoid holiday weight gain during the holiday season.

#1. Eat Before You Celebrate and Drink

Skipping your lunch or breakfast to save your appetite is never considered as a good way of maintaining your weight.

While there have been too many posts on the importance of the first meal of the day or the breakfast, not eating till afternoon might force you to binge later on.

Therefore, you should stick to a breakfast that’s sized reasonably so that you can feel fuller for a longer period of time and keep yourself from urging to stuff your tummy later on.

#2. Choose the Right Combination of Proteins

Protein helps in maintaining the healthiest weight as high protein diets are usually related to increased satiety and hence you will feel full for a longer period of time.

Make sure you serve some roasted chicken, turkey or might be some animal-free items like beans, lentils, quinoa and many more.

Protein intake should be kept at the best level.

#3. Binge on Your Own Food

Instead of trying to determine what’s inside everyones dish when you enter a friends party, you can bring a healthy dessert or side dish.

While you can definitely taste the dishes brought by them but always remember that it is important to have a healthy alternative to bank on.

#4. Serve Meals in the Style of a Restaurant

Whenever you sit for the main event, make sure you leave enough food in the kitchen, that is away from the reach of others instead of displaying a basket of food – you shouldn’t even keep an entire turkey on the table.

Once you’ve cleaned up your plate, take a deep breath and decide whether or not you actually want anything else.

#5. Have Fiber-Rich Foods

You should snack on vegetables and various other high-fiber foods like legumes which can help you feel full for a long time period.

You can even give a second chance to the vegetable platter with a tasty and healthy dip.

Keep Enough Room for Consuming Healthy Fats

Cutting down on oil and butter can reduce those calories but all fats are not bad.

We definitely need fat in our diets to give us enough and absorb the vitamins A, D, E and K.

Get healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats from nuts, avocados, and olive oil.

Combining fiber with fat will also help you feel full for a longer time period.


Now that the holiday season is approaching and if you are trying to avoid holiday weight gain, make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips for healthy eating.

The more you count your calories and fats, the better you can take care of your body and enter a healthy New Year.

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How to Avoid Holiday Weight
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