Don’t let allergies take over your life – Fight against spring allergies

You wake up from your bed with full of energy and you don’t seem to get tired. You go out for your morning workout routine, return home and reply to all the text messages, make healthy choices for lunch and go out for office. Soon after having your lunch, you suddenly feel lack of concentration, you keep sneezing over your keyboard and your eyes keep watering to an extent that your mascara seems to run off. You’re in a state of mess even when your day begun pretty well.

This is spring time and for many this is considered as the worst time. Dander, pollen and dust, everything is floating around in the air and it starts to ruin everything. Few of the most common symptoms of spring allergy are:

  • Post-nasal drip
  • Congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Excessive production of mucus
  • Watery eyes and
  • Runny nose

Here are few of the best strategies to avoid being inflicted by spring allergy.

Step #1: Limit the time you remain outdoors

Each spring, the trees will keep releasing millions of tiny pollen grains which get spread in the ait. Whenever you make the mistake of breathing them within your lungs and nose, this can lead to an allergic reaction. If you’re out on windy days, it can help when you stay inside especially during the morning hours as this is the time when pollen counts are at their peak level. Once you get back home, complete your day with a shower and don’t forget to wash your hair.

Step #2: Take medicines for allergy

Doctors recommend both children and adults who are suffering from runny nose and sniffles to take medicines. Antihistamines usually block the response of your body to allergies, and they work specifically within an hour. However, you have to go through the package in a careful way so that you can stay away from clemastine, chlorpheniramine as they will make you feel drowsy.

Step #3: Safeguard yourself before time

Before spring arrives, you can start taking medicines long before your eyes actually get watery and you begin to sneeze continuously. This way the medicine will remain there inside your system and can prevent several things from happening.

Step #4: Seek relief naturally

There are few herbal remedies which can ward off all sorts of allergy symptoms. There is still enough research that is needed but if you can use the extracts from the shrubs of butterbur, you may get promising results. Reports even reveal that people who consumed Biminne 5 times in a day for at least 12 weeks will find the benefits to last for almost a year. Whichever way you adopt, you should first speak to a doctor as a natural alternative doesn’t always mean the best treatment.

Step #5: Change your home design

Did you know that huge impacts in designing can be caused by a small and simple change? Shut down the windows and keep the pollen out. You can switch on the air conditioner to cool down your home instead of a fan which can draw air from outside. Before entering your home or apartment, take off your shoes and keep them outside. Also ask your young friends to do the same about leaving the shoe outside. Cleaning floors with the help of a vacuum cleaner is enough. Stop smoking as soon as spring arrives. Quit smoking if you have something more to do in life.

Therefore, now that you have know how to fight against spring allergies, follow the above listed doctors tips and methods as mentioned by the doctor.

Don’t let allergies take over your life – Fight against spring allergies
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