Most often, injury or illness appears suddenly. You might have to wake up at the midnight due to abdominal pain or chest pain. 

Or you might be carrying groceries through a flight of stairs, you suddenly give up because you’re not able to bear the weight on your swollen ankle.

Your baby may suddenly see a spike in her body temperature.

When such situations arise out of nowhere, we often get confused about whether to opt for immediate care, particularly when the symptoms are severe or when the office of the doctor is closed.

The answer may not always be simple and it is vital for you to know the difference between emergency care and urgent care. You should know when to seek treatment in order to save your life during a medical emergency.

The Differences of when to choose urgent care or emergency room.

It can be intimidating and daunting enough when you choose to identify the differences between urgent care and emergency care since both the terms imply that there’s some kind of medical need which requires being addressed prompt.

There are distinct differences between conventional urgent care centers and hospital emergency rooms.

Urgent care clinics like MedHealth Urgent Care help patients to fill in the gap when they suddenly become injured or sick. They are even more helpful when your personal doctor is not available or when you can’t fix an appointment during an emergency.

Hospital emergency departments offer medical care at any point of day or night.

Unlike the urgent care agencies, they’re armed for the most complicated needs, including life-threatening situations like traumatic injuries, heart attack, stroke or a car accident.

MedHealth Urgent Care, an all-stop solution for urgent medical needs that helps to choose urgent care or emergency room.

MedHealth Urgent Care provides services related to urgent care, family care, travel medicine, occupational machine, x-ray capability and lab testing.

No appointments are necessary, because our staff is always ready to save you from any life-threatening situation.

Our hours of operation are Monday to Saturday: 9am-7pm and Sunday: 1pm-7pm.

“I am extremely satisfied with their services and I recommend them to all of my family and friends. Also their front desk and back office is extremely comforting.”

-MedHealth Patient

MedHealth’s Mission Statement

The ultimate priority is to offer competent, convenient and compassionate health care. We strive to get optimum health through professional delivery and optimum care.

Our entire team will approach the medical concerns by utilizing most of the updated medical tools.

We understand that you can have different medical options at your disposal whenever you fall sick or whenever you’re in need of urgent medical attention.

Choosing an urgent care in Montgomery, Alabama is important. It’s important to choose an urgent care that you feel comfortable in and trust the doctors that are helping you.

When to Choose Urgent Care or Emergency Room?
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