There are times when you might suddenly suffer from a serious head injury or a heart attack which needs immediate concern. Where would you rush to? Would you take the patient to an urgent care center or an emergency room? The emergency room is also called the emergency department. Any injury or illness which doesn’t seem to be fatal but which can’t wait until the next day should be immediately treated by rushing the patient to the urgent care center.

The patient party gets easy and instant access to high quality healthcare through urgent care centers during a time when all the other physician’s offices are closed. Their commitment to extra attention and medical expertise ensure that the proper urgent care patients receive emergency best care during days, weekends and also on holidays.

Urgent medical condition: What is considered as urgent care?

If you’re still not sure which are considered as urgent medical conditions and which shouldn’t be deemed as emergencies, here are few examples that you should take a look at:

  • Sudden falls or accidents
  • Cuts which need immediate stitches but which don’t involve too much blood
  • Moderate to serious asthma issues and consequential breathing issues
  • Diagnostic services like laboratory tests and x-rays
  • Redness or eye or irritation
  • Flu or fever
  • Back aches
  • Fractures of fingers or minor broken bones in toes
  • Infections and skin rashes
  • Cough or severe sore throat
  • Strains and sprains
  • Dehydration, vomiting and urinary tract infection

What should you expect from proper urgent care services?

You must be wondering about what you should actually expect to receive when you rush your patient to the urgent care. Well, their ultimate goal is to evaluate your condition, your injury, illness and efficiently and quickly as it is possible.

Here are few things that you may expect fro proper urgent care:

  • The emergency response team will determine the severity and urgency of the condition and assemble all vital medical details of the patient. The information is soon entered into their computer and a medical record is created against the patients name which permits them to manage things in a prompter manner. They can give you an electronic beeper and a buzz about when the doctor can come to see you. You’ll have to inform them about any change in condition while you wait for the doctor’s arrival.
  • If there are necessities of medical tests like X-rays, blood tests or tracing of the heart, you will require enough waiting time to go through the tests and receive the results.
  • Once you get the results of the test and you complete the treatment, the physician will discuss the condition of the patient and will also offer you recommendations. If everything seems fine, they will discharge and if further attention is needed, they will admit you.
  • In case you’re allowed to leave for home, the nurse in charge will check the discharge instructions. This is the time when you can ask any queries related to taking care of your patient and the medications that you need to give him. The nurse is supposed to help you unless you are sure about all the discharge instructions that are given.

In case you receive anything less than the services mentioned above, you can be sure that they’re not providing you with service that you’ve ought to get from an urgent care. If your patients condition doesn’t seem to be good enough, you should immediately take him to some other emergency care or to get other proper urgent care service that is more reliable like MedHealth Urgent Care. Call us today, (334) 229-9955.

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