Fight Diabetes by becoming aware.

Diabetes is a disease that has become so mainstream, that glucose testing kits now come in fashion-friendly cases.

Diabetes is a chronic disease which afflicts millions of people throughout the world. Cases of diabetes might lead to failure of kidneys, blindness, heart issues and several other serious conditions.

Reports reveal that up to 80% of people who already have pre-diabetes move on to develop the typical type 2-diabetes. Doctors even claim that progressing from pre-diabetes to actual diabetes is a process that’s inevitable.

Here are few ways you can fight against this slow yet steady disease.

#1: Have a check on your numbers

In order to diagnose whether or not you have diabetes, your doctor will send you for a blood test.

For detecting Type 2 diabetes, this can be done by a glucose test by taking fasting blood.

Theres another alternative method of going for an oral glucose tolerance test where the patient has to drink a 75 gram glucose drink and then get his blood tested 2 hours later to determine the values of blood sugar.

#2: Move your body and try to lose weight

There is a strong association between abdominal obesity and Type-2 diabetes.

The fat cells, especially abdominal adipocytes secrete few biological products which null the impacts of insulin, repair the ability of the body to utilize sugar and interfere with production of insulin from pancreas.

This is why it is recommended that people with Type 2 diabetes should move their body and keep moving in order to lose weight.

#3: Cut down sugar and other refined carbohydrates

If you continue eating refined carbs and sugary items, this will push you deeper into developing the disease.

Your body will rapidly break down such food into molecules of sugar and these are instantly absorbed within the bloodstream.

This increases the blood sugar level and makes the pancreas produce more insulin. There are studies which even claim the link between excessive sugar intake and the risk of developing diabetes.

#4: Your primary beverage should be water

Water is the most natural beverage that you can drink.

If you stick to water most often, this will keep you from drinking other sugary beverages.

Even soda and other fruit juices are linked with increasing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

LADA is a form of Type 1 diabetes which is seen among people who are more than 18 years of age.

LADA develops gradually and it needs more treatment with the progress of the disease.

#5: Give up smoking

Smoking is said to cause various serious health issues like emphysema, heart issues, lung, breast, digestive tract and prostate cancer.

In fact, it is also found that smoking increases the risk of diabetes by 45% among average smokers and 65% among people who smoked 20 cigarettes in a day.

There is reduced possibility of diabetes among smokers who quit smoking.

A person suffering from diabetes requires controlling several factors which influence the disease.


Whenever you see that you’re suffering from pre-diabetes, you should take immediate steps to bring about changes in your lifestyle to fight the disease and reduce risk.

Workout everyday and eat the right foods.

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5 Tips to Fight Diabetes
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